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Save 15% on all orders during the Tour de France

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Tour de France

Be ahead of the peloton. Save 15% on all bikes and gear when you buy from now through stage 21.

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When grams of weight can make the difference of a whole minute by the end of a stage, lightweight, high performance bikes really matter.




The Éclipse X9 is a lightweight, aerodynamic carbon-fiber road bike meant to be the quickest climbing bike we've ever produced. The riding quality of our lightest platform, plus our finest climbing wheels, offer a competitive edge.

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Carbon Pro Wheel


With an ultra-aero 75mm depth, the Carbon Pro Road Wheel is intended for optimal speed and stability on time trials and triathlon splits.

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CarbonX Saddle


Comfort and performance meet, in this ultra-lightweight, 3D printed performance carbon fiber pro saddle.

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Watch our new video: “Just Ride.” Follow a team of cyclists as they train in sunshine, rain, or snow. 

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